What Shade Are My Teeth

Are You Wondering What Shade Are Your Teeth?

Well, let’s put it straight from the beginning: asking yourself “what shade are your teeth?” is only normal. It’s a part of the continuous process of analyzing yourself over and over again, which is actually a characteristic for every human being. And when it comes to having the perfect smile and thus the perfect teeth, you should know that there are probably millions of different products designed to help you solve any problem that might occur concerning the way your teeth look.

Every whitening procedure has to be done on a rigorous schedule, in order to reach its purpose at a maximum level. This is the reason why, before deciding upon what whitening product you want to use, you should pay your dentist a visit and ask for his or her advice. The doctor won’t simply ask you: ‘what shade are your teeth?’ Dentists possess the required knowledge in order to use specific tools in finding all the relevant information about your teeth’s condition, such as chroma or hue.

The term ‘ hue’ refers to the result of a comparison made between the existing color of the teeth and various shades of colors like grey, brown or yellow, whereas the term ‘chroma’ refers to the intensity of this comparison’s result. The interpretation of this simple procedure is giving precious information about the current condition of your teeth and structures the portrait of the most effective ways to improve the situation.

So, what shade are your teeth? Are they like a bit stained by food and drinks, or is it more like a genetic predisposition for a ‘darker’ kind of white? Whatever the answer to these questions, it is crucial that you don’t act as if you’d know everything, because there are certain aspects and details visible for those with special medical training. The best thing you can do is to have a full dental exam every six months, and to talk with your dentist about everything concerning your teeth and your gums. Don’t rush into buying any whitening products before that, because you might only harm yourself by doing that. Instead, be wise and choose a safe method of being beautiful and self confident every day.

Many teeth whitening products on the market have a chart that you can hold up to your teeth to see your current shade number. This is a good idea because from there you can track your progress and see how well that teeth whitening product works for you.

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