Teeth Whitening Tips for Sensitive Teeth

Anybody who has suffered from tooth sensitivity knows how horrid a condition it can be. For folks like us, delicious treats like ice cream or coffee often come with pangs of agony. We even have to use our own special toothpaste, making us feel like castoffs, relegated to our own little corner of the universe. But the worst thing for sensitive teeth is teeth whitening products, because they’ll make even tough, hardy teeth sensitive due to the hydrogen peroxide slowly working its magic. For folks who already suffer from sensitive teeth, the idea of whitening sounds like a horror. This is truly tragic because nobody wants a dull, stained mouth. Fear not though my sensitive brethren: These teeth whitening tips for sensitive teeth will ensure that even folks like us can flash our pearly whites.

Tip 1) Choose Your Brand Wisely

Not all teeth whiteners are created equally. Some have more hydrogen peroxide, which increases tooth sensitivity, even, nay, especially if you already suffer from it. Thus, it helps to read useful teeth whitening product reviews before you land on a brand. These reviews will help you learn how much peroxide is in each product, how sensitive the product makes your teeth and, most importantly, whether the product is any good.

Tip 2) Consider a Desensitizing Gel

Many whitening companies understand the problem of sensitive teeth and offer desensitizing gels that allow your teeth to be whitened as well as numbed so that you don’t experience the telltale pain of sensitive choppers. Now you must remember that products like this will make it take longer for your teeth to whiten because you’ll be using less peroxide. So don’t get impatient. Nothing wrong with taking a few more treatments to avoid tooth pain.

Tip 3) Stick with Toothpaste

Yes, it is a fact that there are teeth whitening strips made specifically for sensitive teeth but many of us still experience pain from them. Luckily, there are also plenty of toothpastes that are made to whiten sensitive teeth and, though they often can’t reach the whitening power of whitening strips, they can certainly bring about a shade or two’s difference. Sadly, this is sometimes the least painful option for some of us and as a worst case scenario it isn’t so bad. Crest 3D White is an example of a teeth whitening toothpaste that can whiten teeth in a short time period.

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