Professional Teeth Whitening Tips You can do Yourself

We all want beautiful, white, pearly teeth but not all of us can afford the sometimes staggering prices that in-office whitening demands. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing if most of the over the counter whitening products were actually effective. Unfortunately, price seems to dictate quality in this arena and many of us can only dream of professional teeth whitening. But all is not lost; there are some professional teeth whitening aspects that you can recreate yourself at home.

Whitening Trays

When most people compare in-office teeth whitening vs. at-home whitening, they cite the fact that since the in-office whitening methods are more expensive, they must be better. This isn’t exactly the case, though, because many dentists use the same basic ingredients that you’ll find in over the counter whitening trays. The only difference is that the dentists apply the tray in the office, whereas you apply your own at-home tray.

Avoid Certain Foods and Drinks

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. By this we mean that you should avoid coffee, tea, soda, wine, and anything else that can stain your teeth. This doesn’t mean that you must give these wonderful vices up, though. Just avoid them during your whitening process.

Use Subterfuge

If you’re a woman, you can wear red lipstick or any berry tone to make your teeth look whiter and you can also use products that help to disguise your lip-line. It isn’t a clinical fix but it definitely makes an impression. For both sexes, getting a good tan can make your teeth look a few shades whiter and this can be accomplished in just one day out in the sun or in a tanning bed.

Brush Before Whitening

Some people complain that their at-home whitening product isn’t doing its job but the truth of the matter is that often it is the person who isn’t following all the directions. Case in point: It is recommended that you brush before applying a whitening gel or tray but many people omit this step and just apply the product. Not brushing your teeth beforehand means that oils and food bits will keep the whitening agent from fully performing its task.

Know What You’re Buying

Not all teeth whitening products are meant to make your teeth whiter. Some are just meant to keep your teeth at their current shade. As such, you must make sure that the teeth whitening product you buy is designed to make your teeth a lighter white instead of one that just sustains the shade you have now.

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