Problems with Sensitive Teeth and Teeth Whitening Combination

The combination of sensitive teeth and teeth whitening has a very delicate situation as a result. Everybody wants to have a shiny smile and nobody is ready to give that away only because of a high level of teeth sensitivity. This is why more and more people confronted with this problem face their dentists and ask for solution.

In order to come to an agreement with both conditions, by that meaning your sensitive teeth and teeth whitening desire, you need to resort to really mild bleaching agents. There are teeth treatments with very low concentrations of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide which can still do a good job without significantly harming your teeth and your health. There are a lot of solutions specially designed for turning sensitive teeth whiter.

Also you have to be very careful, because sensitive teeth and teeth whitening don’t always give the best results together. It is not about how whiteners affect your teeth but about how the high sensitivity of your teeth affects the entire bleaching process, rendering it less efficient. The most exposed category when it comes to this kind of risks is constituted is made out of people with ages ranging from 25 to 30, when teeth sensitivity reaches its highest level.

The most important thing to do when you are confronted with sensitive teeth and you want to submit to a teeth whitening treatment is to go to your dentist and ask for the professional advice he/ she can give you. Only a specialist has the necessary authority to recommend you the most efficient products that won’t hurt your teeth and gums at the same time. What is highly recommended in this context is for you to allow your dentist to perform the treatment on your teeth and not to resort to bleaching agents that can be home-used.

Dentists have special techniques that protect your teeth and keep them from becoming even more sensitive, turning them whiter at the same time. This method gives immediate and more satisfactory results, while being safer and not that expensive after all.

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