Learn about the Dangers of Teeth Whitening

Having a shiny smile is very important for every single one of us, and for this reason there are people who would resort to quite extreme measures in order to achieve it. Still, there are some dangers of teeth whitening that everybody needs to be aware of before going for it.

First of all, learn that if your teeth are too sensitive, bleaching products might only increase that sensitivity and the results will be rather non-gratifying. The second important thing that you need to do in order to avoid the dangers of teeth whitening is to be very careful on the composition of the treatment you are using. A too high concentration of a certain substance (namely carbamide peroxide, the main ingredient in the bleaching process) might as well render your teeth sensitive, although the short term results might turn out quite spectacular. Your teeth will become very sensitive to temperatures. For instance, you will not be able to enjoy a hot coffee in the morning or a delicious ice cream in the hot summer days because of this sensitivity. Consulting with a specialist before starting on a bleaching treatment is always recommendable, although the over the counter teeth whiteners are more affordable.

Another very important thing to mention in relation to the dangers of teeth whitening is the misuse of the products that might lead to really unwanted consequences. Having bleaching agent on your gums can harm your tissues and leave you with severe wounds. A high concentration of bleaching agent can remove the enamel layer and this will only make your teeth deteriorate faster. Beware of the allergies regarding the components of the products you are using or intending to use; you don’t want to develop an allergic reaction to the product that is supposed to make you happier and more confident.

The dangers of teeth whitening are even more obvious for pregnant or lactating women as well as persons who are below the age of 16. These categories are advised not to resort to bleaching treatments because of the high risk of increasing teeth sensitivity.

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