In-Office Whitening vs. Home Whitening Products

All people look for creating a perfect image of them to make a good impression on those around us. In order for the image to be the proper one, details should be taken care of, which brings us to the mouth. A beautiful denture says a lot about one person and this is the reason why people try more and more methods for an effective teeth whitening process. When it comes to the existent methods, there are two categories one has to choose from: in-office whitening or home teeth whitening kits. Before being able to choose between the two options for getting whiter teeth, one should know a few facts about each option.

The process of in-office whitening refers to visiting the dentist and having whiter teeth as a result of more sessions at the office. The great advantage of this option is that this way, you can have your teeth whitened with up to six shades in no more than an hour. Dentists usually use a combination between gels based on peroxide oxygen and light in order to eliminate the stains off your teeth and to bring back their white color. However, don’t think that one session will be enough for you to don’t have to ever bother with the problem of yellow teeth again. The in-office whitening process implies you visiting the dentist on a regular basis so more sessions are required.

On the other hand, home teeth whitening offers people the possibility of not needing a dentist. Home kits for whiter teeth are based on the same elements that a dentist uses in the office: peroxide oxygen gels and lights that reduce the staining of the teeth. The difference is that you will have to apply these solutions by yourself and will take longer for the effects to show.

Each of the two options has upsides and downsides, so people choose between in-office whitening or home teeth whitening kits depending on various factors. If you want fast and more stable results, then you should go for in-office whitening. On the other hand, if your budget is more limited and you prefer not going to the dentist, then the second option fits you better.

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