Facts about the Safety of Teeth Whitening

Smiling is a gesture that somehow defines the human being and places it in the society, in most of the time bringing happiness and a pleasant atmosphere to those around. A beautiful smile is therefore important and all of us envy the shining white that Hollywood stars show when they smile. Even if some years ago it was difficult to benefit from teeth whitening methods, nowadays they are accessible for everyone, whether we choose home solutions or visits to our dentists. However, there are many aspects to be considered when going for one option or another and the most important of them refers to the safety of teeth whitening.

In order to bring into discussion the aspect of safety of teeth whitening, we should firstly know more about how someone can fight against the discoloration of the enamel. Besides the daily hygiene of the denture (brushing, using the dental cotton and the mouthwash), professional whitening of the teeth is also available. In short, professional teeth whitening process begins with visiting the dentist for teeth cleaning and the use of various whitening gels. These gels should be used daily until the end of the treatment and contain carbamide peroxide. This substance penetrates the enamel and frees active oxygen that eliminates color stains, without affecting the structure of the tooth.

However, as with any other health treatment, the problem of safety of teeth whitening rises in this situation as well. The most common disadvantage of the process is related to the sensitivity of the denture. During the treatment, people experience an increased sensitivity at cold and sweet sensations that usually disappears once the treatment is completed. Also, when wearing the dental moulds that contain the gel, people should not at or drink (this is why most of the users prefer wearing them during their sleep). Another safety issue refers to the fact that there are no studies on long term secondary effects of teeth whitening.

As you can see, there are some minor details that should be kept in mind when starting teeth whitening procedures. However, these can be easily kept under control, the best results can be obtained and the safety of teeth whitening increased as long as you agree to involve the help of your dentist in the treatment.

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