Do Teeth Whitening Kits Work

Teeth whitening kits are very enticing because we all want to have a gorgeous smile. As we get older our teeth may not be as white as we would like for them to be. No one wants to be self conscious about their smile. Teeth whitening kits are a viable solution to costly cosmetic whitening at a dentist’s office. Whitening kits do work over time. Different products and ingredients have different effects and the results will vary according to staining.

The number or products offered at retail stores and online is tremendous. This can make it hard for a consumer to know which way to turn. You want to base your decision on what your needs are. Look for ingredients that are safe and non-irritating. Knowing what to look for will make your decision easier.

Quality is Important

Like so many other products on the market it really depends on what you buy and the active ingredients that are found in them. Some teeth whitening kits make claims that are not reasonable. Products may also contain ingredients that will irritate your gums as well as damage the enamel on the teeth. Other whitening products give results over a period of time. Two weeks is a common time for users to begin to see results and a whiter smile.

Many people turn to teeth whitening kits because they don’t want to spend a fortune at the dentist to have them done professionally. The good news is that many of them work well and that they provide results that are just as good. Peroxide should be one of the key ingredients that you look for when evaluating products.

The Power of the Ingredients

You also want to evaluate the strength of those active ingredients. For example many gels and pastes that are part of teeth whitening kits have a very low percentage of hydrogen peroxide in them. Those that have higher amounts of it seem to work better. Plus, hydrogen peroxide is safe for the teeth and gums so you won’t have any harsh side effects.

Cost and Value

Too often consumers assume what is the most expensive is the best product to get whiter teeth. However, you can compare the ingredients on the packages and you will quickly see that some of them are virtually the same but one may cost a great deal more. Look for overall value too. Those teeth whitening kits that offer a money back guarantee are a good idea to consider.

The more informed you are the better decision you will be able to make. Compare products and ingredients that suit your oral needs best to get the results needed over a reasonable amount of time.

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