Food that Give Teeth Stain and What to Do with It


Human, generally, love eating and drinking and that’s part of human daily activities. Food and beverages are essential to our body, giving energy that makes us strong and healthy. But not all food that goes through our mouth are good, there are some foods and beverages that can give stain to our teeth.

The tooth enamel is able to absorb fluids that are capable to stains. Colored foods and beverages that immerse to our mouth are automatically absorbed by our teeth and can cause stains that makes our teeth turn into yellowish or pale brown. There also another substance that can change the color of your tooth and that is acid. Some food and beverages contain acids even though it’s a brightly color and not in a colored can also damage. Acidity can cause the weakening of tooth enamel, causing it to be vulnerable to stains.

Confusing, isn’t it? The color of food and beverages came from chromogens (an organic fluid when oxidized form in to colored compound) that sticks to tooth enamel. There’s also a group of various complex phenolic substances known as tannin that can be found in food and beverages, such as, coffee, citrus fruits, tea, red wine, smoked foods and many more and these substances can boost the chromogens power to increase the potential in staining the tooth enamel.

Temperature can do major effect to enamel, as you drink hot or cold beverages in can induce teeth to contract or expand, making the tooth enamel vulnerable and easier for the stains to penetrate.

Some  information about the food and beverages, that we eat and drink.

Red wine – according to medical studies, wines help reduce inflammation, which is right for gum disease. Because of its color deep red/purple, certainly the part of that color surely left behind your teeth.

Coffee – because it’s dark in color and acidic, it can easily grab on the tooth enamel. You can lessen the staining effect by adding a splash of milk to it.

Sodas – this beverage contains sugar, that is the main factor of tooth decay and also has citric acid which can deteriorate tooth enamel.

Tea – is the same with the staining ability of the coffee and drink it at a very high temperature that will cause contraction of the enamel. To lessen the damage, try white, green or any other herbal teas.

Curry – one of the best spice from India, natural yellow or red, and it’s widely known as tooth Stainer. After the consumption of curry, be sure to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth to remove the tinge left behind the teeth.

Ketchup and tomato sauce – has a high level of acidity that can damage enamel and because of its bright color, this food can surely stain your teeth. There’s a protective food barrier that can help reduce and minimize the level of staining and there are broccoli and lettuce (vitamin and minerals: potassium, copper, and iron can be found in these vegetables).

Berries – these fruits, such as, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries which are liked by children are good, for it has antioxidant, which is good for health but their dark skins can also stain your teeth.

Beets – when it is transforming into juice they are most contracted and became a very powerful staining substance. After an hour of consuming beets, be sure to brush your teeth to remove stains before they begin to form.

Reminder: Nothing can stop stains from adhering to your teeth, but there’s a proper way of dealing and slowing it from happening. The best way to preclude it, is by brushing your teeth regularly at least twice a day and always rinse your mouth after consuming this kind of food and beverages.