The Risks and Rewards of Teeth Whitening

Teeth have a surface that is very similar to the surface that has porcelain enamel. Actually, your teeth are numerous crystalline rods that are microscopic and hence cannot be viewed by the naked eye. The enamel is on top and was designed to protect your teeth from the effects that are brought about by gnashing, chewing, acid attacks (from sugar) and trauma. As time goes by, the teeth are exposed to these effects more and so they become yellow as they gradually get worn out. When the teeth get like this, most people usually prefer to restore the natural color with the use of the various teeth whitener products that are available in the market.

However, most people usually over look the ingredients that these products contain and their consequent side effects. This is because they are mainly interested only in getting their teeth white which is generally the main reward that these products usually offer.

The Rewards:

  • The main reward of using the teeth whitening agents is that you will be able to restore the original color of your teeth.
  • White teeth usually give you a great smile which as a result boosts your confidence. This is very significant especially for young people and the outgoing types.

The Risks:

  • The bleaching agents that are used in these products usually increase the sensitivity of teeth especially in high temperatures. In addition to this, there are also some other instances where the individuals experienced shooting pains that occurred spontaneously.
  • Almost 50% of the people who undergo these procedures usually experience gum irritation although in varying degrees. However, the effects of irritation normally wear off as the concentration of the bleach consequently wears off as well.

Whitening your teeth can seem as the most appropriate thing to do but it is important to look at the pros and cons first. It is significant to understand that even the best teeth whiteners have side effects, no matter how minor and extensive research will enable you to make the wisest choice. Besides, there are also natural remedies which usually have less, or no, side effects