Celebrity Sexy Teeth Review

With all these millions of teeth whitening products available, it’s natural to lose perspective and to be pretty confused when it comes to choosing the right one for you. The great abundance of so called ‘the cheapest, the best, all refundable’ solutions makes everybody trust these words less and less. You can be tricked into buying all kinds of craps by the beautifully written product descriptions or by the product’s fancy, pseudo-scientific name. How about Celebrity Sexy Teeth?

Let’s put it all in straight words: this whitening solution enters everyone’s mind with an enormous handicap given by its name. Let’s assume that you want to find out more about what lays behind this masterpiece of a name. The first thing anyone would do is to search Celebrity Sexy Teeth on the internet for getting a clearer picture of what this is all about. But what a shocking surprise! On the homepage, the only relevant picture is the one of two pairs of teeth (they are so shiny and brand new when rising from the wide opened mouths, that they virtually cover all the working space), probably some celebrity sexy teeth. That’s it. No information about the ingredients, not even one word about possible side effects, nothing that’s usually considered to be common sense, just a bunch of words about this product’s incredible effect, achieved after only 14 days of usage.

Everyone who wants to buy something with a teeth whitening action has to know that this whole problem has not only esthetic implications and purposes, but also a wide range of effects on his health. It’s not like you want to have the perfect laptop or the perfect red dress and you are a bit confused about what best suites you. We’re talking about things that contain chemical substances that can be a threat for the area they come in contact with. The sane and wise thing to do is to trust a dentist and ask him for a good advice before purchasing any whitening wonder solution. Why would you rather trust a commercial you find on a website, or a flyer abandoned in your mailbox?

True Cost of the Product

While you may only have to pay several dollars for a free trial you will be signing up for member ship whether you want it or not.

That means that after only 6 days of purchasing the original product you will be billed 99.99 dollars.  This is a three month supply.  Then 2-3 months down the road you are going to be billed another 99.99 dollars and so on and so one until you cancel your members.

The site does state that the product was made in the USA. and here are the ingredients we found were in the product

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, PVM/MA Copolymer, Hydrogen Peroxide, Flavor, Xylitol, Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Sucralose.

We did not find any direct e-mail or phone number for the company or website.  All their personal information for the registration of the domain is kept hidden so you will have no way to directly correspond with the company. Do you really want to do business with a company that you can not contact. Personally I would stay far away from this product.

However after doing some digging around the net we were able to find contact information for the person who supposedly owns the site.  What is interesting is the address seems to be from the distributing company and not from the person or company that sells the product.

Thompson, Scott cs@eonlineorder.com
IOnline Order
22100 E 26th Ave #100
Aurora, Colorado 80019
United States


The fact of the matter is if the products really works then why do you have to keep purchasing it over and over and over. Do the smarter thing and stay away from this product.

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