Teeth Whitening Scams

Nothing is worse then buying a product over the internet just to learn later on that you have been ripped off.

TeethWhiteningTalk.com is dedicated to scouring the web for the latest teeth whitening products and retail store shelves and we provide the truth behind what these products can really do and if they are worth purchasing or not.

NOT all the below are scams but they are all products we would not recommend to our own mothers so review them closely and ensure the product you are thinking about purchasing is not on our scam’s list

Teeth Whitening Reviews:

These products are the ones we do not like for one reason or another. Most of them offer a free trial and do not clearly inform users that they will be charge $50- $90 bucks a month at a later date. Some of these companies even begin charging you in as little as 6 days after you sign up for the free trial. By that time you might not of even been able to get the free trial product in the mail. These companies are just not worth doing business with in our opinions.

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