Teeth Whitening Trays

What Are Teeth Whitening Trays and How to Use Them

Whenever someone is considering having their teeth whitened and asking for advice regarding this problem, they hear a lot of people advising them to resort to teeth whitening trays. For those who need more information, this article is an answer to the question: “What are teeth whitening trays?”

Trays are among the most accessible bleaching techniques, since they do the job within a few days from the moment you begin using them and they give your teeth a natural, pleasant white color. As to the question “What are teeth whitening trays?” the answer is very simple. They consist in thin platforms (it is recommendable they are enamel safe, so they don’t harm your teeth) upon which a special gel is to be laid. After that you should apply them on your teeth, in the line of the gums and make sure they remain there. When using trays as a bleaching agent, you must keep them on your teeth for about 30 minutes and you have to repeat this procedure for a few days, depending on how white you want your teeth to become.

Teeth whitening trays are very effective and very accessible due to the fact that they are very easy to apply and they are also very cheap. The results are pretty good, too. If you are wondering whether they are a better solution than a professional teeth whitening treatment performed in a dentist’s office, the honest answer is no. The latter option is preferable when you can afford it. But as long as you consult a dentist before resorting to trays and the specialist gives you the approval, there is no risk when using teeth whitening trays. They are preferable to brushing your teeth using bleaching toothpaste, since they ensure the prolonged contact of the substance with your teeth.

The simplest answer to the “What are teeth whitening trays?” question is: they are probably the most handy and among the cheapest teeth bleaching techniques existing on the market and they offer the net advantage of working according to the do-it-yourself principle.

Using trays is one of the best home teeth whitening methods out there. It’s far cheaper then going to the dentist and you get real long lasting results

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