Teeth Whitening Products VS. Natural Methods for Whitening

There are many teeth whitening products out there on the market today. Sure, you want to have a bright smile but those products can be very expensive. They can also be very harsh on your teeth and gums. To save you money and to prevent such harsh effects you should consider natural methods for whitening.

Hydrogen Peroxide

One of those products is rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide. It doesn’t taste like anything at all. Swish it around for about a minute a couple of times a day and you will notice your teeth getting whiter in no time at all. Some people place it on the bathroom counter and every time they use the bathroom they swish with it. This costs less than $1 a bottle, works great for sensitive teeth, and it better in terms of results than so many teeth whitening products you can buy.

Baking Soda

There are teeth whitening products out there that contain baking soda in them such as various toothpastes. They can help you to remove stains from the teeth. However, you can also use baking soda that you have at home to be able to make your own paste with water. It will help you to get those tough stains from coffee and tea removed from your teeth.


If you enjoy eating strawberries you can use them to create natural teeth whitening products. Create a paste with baking soda and mashed up strawberries. Rub it on your teeth and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes. Then brush your teeth like normal and you will notice they are much brighter than before.

Teeth Whitening Kits

You can consider teeth whitening kits that are offered by your dentist, at various retailers, or online. They can help you to get a whiter smile through the use of various chemicals. The ingredients in them vary so you want to be very careful about what you use. They can also be too harsh for the gums or the enamel of the teeth so be cautious with them. They can also be more expensive than natural methods.

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