Teeth Whitening Bleach

These days there are more options for whitening your teeth than ever before. In days past, you would have to go to a dentist for a proper whitening and it would typically require several expensive visits. But now teeth whitening has fully hit the mainstream, with countless products being offered that promise you blinding shades of pearly, pristine whiteness. But are these products truly safe? Keep reading and find out.

What is Bleaching?

It is important to point out that there is a difference between “whitening” and “bleaching”. Basically, whitening is the term for any product or procedure that brightens the shade of your teeth until it is closer to your natural color. Bleaching, on the other hand, makes your teeth even whiter than they’d be naturally. But any product that claims to bleach your teeth doesn’t necessarily have to contain teeth whitening bleach. As long as they make your teeth whiter than natural, they’ll still fall under the bleaching banner even though they may contain hydrogen peroxide.

In Office Bleach

The bleaching agent used in almost all dentist offices is a particularly strong hydrogen peroxide solution that contains anywhere from ten to forty percent hydrogen peroxide. The higher the percentage, the whiter your teeth will be but it’s good to know that even the forty percent solution is still technically “safe.” At worst, the patient sitting through an in office whitening might experience some sensitivity in his or her teeth but that is about as bad as you can expect it to be, and many over the counter bleaching agents also have sensitivity among their side effects.

How Often is too Often?

Though bleaching is safe and essentially harmless when used sparingly, sometimes people can bleach their teeth too often. To be safe, you should avoid bleaching more than once every couple months. Your whitening session should last more than a week and it can take over two weeks for the full whiteness effect to come through. As such, you should wait several weeks at a minimum before doing another whitening session. Too much bleaching can increase tooth sensitivity and gum pain. Also, pregnant women are advised not to bleach their teeth because there is no research yet as to the effect of swallowing bleach on a baby. But if you act responsibly and safely, there is no reason for you to not enjoy the amazing advances made in the teeth whitening market. So play it smart and you’ll be showing off your flashy choppers in no time.

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