Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened with Crest Whitening Advanced Seal

When it comes to teeth whitening, the search for the best product is very assiduous. You always try to find the most efficient one, which does the job very quickly and gives you the shiny smile you are looking for with the least effort. One of these products is the Crest Whitening Advanced Seal kit, which comes at a very good price and gets your teeth white, while giving them the necessary protection at the same time. There are three steps to follow in order to obtain the best results when using Crest Whitening Advanced Seal.

The Crest Whitening Advanced Seal kit is based on strips that contain hydrogen peroxide gel. They were designed to perfectly adhere on your teeth and to remove all the visible as well as the deeper stains that bother you and keep you from smiling.

1. Peeling: you have to avoid brushing your teeth right before applying the strips. Remove the backing material the strips are supported by.

2. Application: put the strip on the teeth with the side that has the gel on. Make sure there is a good contact with your teeth in line with your gums and fold the remaining parts of the strip in order to keep them from falling.

3. You have to wear the strips daily for about 30 minutes. Each strip can only be used once.

Before using this product, you need to take some precaution measures. First, you have to consult with your dentist on whether it is recommendable for you or not: if you are having dental work done soon, for instance. Also, the kit is only effective for those who have natural teeth; it doesn’t work on porcelain or other materials used in the dentist’s office. This teeth whitening product can only be used by people who are older than 12; nobody younger than this age should be allowed to use it.

Crest Whitening Advanced Seal is very simple to use and the results show up really fast. In about three days from the moment you started using it, you can notice how your teeth become whiter.

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