Opalescence Teeth Whitening Series

When it comes to the health of one’s teeth and the way they look, teeth whitening is a very important side of the problem. More and more whitening products are released on the market and a large number of people seem to be interested in alternative, as in traditional, ways to improve the outer aspect of their teeth.

The Opalescence teeth whitening series of products are one of the ways to better looking teeth and it’s actually among the most popular and thought of as effective by its customers. It’s a whitening gel that comes in various concentrations, from 15% to 35%, as to fit various degrees of teeth degradation.

You can find the Opalescence teeth whitening products with a 15% concentration of carbamide peroxide (the active ingredient), a 20% or a 35 %. As stated above, the right concentration is given by the current state of the teeth and is to be determined through a dental checkup at the professional dentist. The 15% gel has to be applied and worn on the teeth for at least an hour, once or twice a day, as well as the 20% one. The 35% carbamide peroxide concentration gel is the newest release on the market and its wearing time mustn’t last more than 30 minutes, only one time every day. If you neglect these basic instructions, you risk permanent damage to the dental tissue, to the gums and to the soft tissue situated nearby.

If you don’t face any excruciating problems concerning the color of your teeth and you simply want to have them look at their best every day, it’s probably wise to use the low concentration Opalescence teeth whitening gels instead of the 35 % one. This piece of advice is based on the fact that the active agent is a very corrosive one, and its strength might be too much in such a high dosage. Instead of attacking the stains on the teeth’s surface and the dental plaque, it will be focused on what it finds instead: dental tissue, gums and soft tissue, and this can be the source of some serious problems, such as a high sensibility of the damaged area to cold and warm and to various kinds of food and drinks.

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