Laser Teeth Whitening

General Considerations of Laser Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants a healthy smile with beautiful white teeth. Many of us don’t. This is why products meant to help you maintain, or even improve your teeth get so many customers every day.

The most powerful tool we have in managing our direct relationship with others is our face. Through our expressions, people learn of our feelings and our state of mind. An important aspect in this equation is our teeth. Nobody wants to show dark colored and shady teeth when smiling. Thus, a series of different ways of having perfectly white teeth has grown. There are two basic types of whitening products: the professional ones, used by trained personnel only, such as dentists, and products designed for being used at home, such as whitening gels or strips. When it comes to the professional methods, laser teeth whitening is one of people’s favorites.

The laser teeth whitening process is a two-step process: first of all, the dentist removes the impurities from the teeth, such as dental plaque. These impurities make the actual laser intervention less effective; they are a barrier between the teeth and the bleaching agent. The second step is the laser intervention itself. The active agent is not the laser, as it might seem from saying “laser teeth whitening”, but the whitening gel applied on the teeth. The laser acts like a speeding agent, and it makes the whole whitening procedure shorter: it is no longer a matter of hours. It all becomes a matter of minutes.

So, in this whole laser teeth whitening story, the active part is played by the gel. What is then the difference between it and the common use of teeth whitening gels? Well, as people who used this method for getting whiter teeth, the results last much longer. There have been numerous cases in which one single session was enough, so it might be enough for you to turn to laser teeth whitening once in a lifetime. Of course, it all depends on factors such as your eating habits, smoking habits and the genetic profiles, unique to each person. Anyhow, think about this procedure as a viable option if you want to get whiter teeth.

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