Crest Whitening Series

The Crest Whitening products are one of the most popular teeth whitening solutions in the world. The fact that it’s extremely easy to buy those products and that they’ve already been used by millions of people that are saying the results are extraordinary makes them an important option when it comes to teeth whitening systems.

This series of products are manufactured by Procter & Gamble. All Crest Whitestrips products are using hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient, an ingredient that has whitening effect on yellow teeth but the results on gray teeth are minor, not even moderate. In the series of Crest Whitening products there are 8 models, the main difference between them being the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, varying between 3% and 14%.

The whitening effect of using a Crest Whitening product lasts between 12 months and 18 months, according to the type of product you choose to use. By using their latest release, Crest Whitening Advanced Seal, the whitening effect lasts at least 18 months and it’s a lot easier to apply on the teeth because the seal molds better and takes the shape of your teeth, thus covering them entirely. All the products come with specific instructions and there’s no way to cause serious side effects because all the ingredients are proven to be quite safe for the user.

A daily use for 30 minutes of Crest Whitening Products for 3 or 5 days is recommended in order to get a beautiful smile, a smile that can make you feel like a star and a smile that can make everybody turn their heads to look at you. At least this is what customers say: they all seem very glad about their decision of using these whitening tools.

Still, you shouldn’t rush when buying teeth whitening products, either on the internet or over the counter. Ask the guidance of a dental specialist, because it’s best to keep everything clean and to be aware of every aspect concerning both your teeth problem and its most effective, but still harmless, solution. All in all, the Crest Whitening line seems to be a solid option for you to have in mind when thinking about the whitest teeth you’ve ever had.

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