Bling Teeth Technology

Teeth whitening doesn’t have to be something hard to achieve, as we have lots of teeth whitening products available in pharmacies, many experienced dentists, and a huge amount of information over the internet. A product that seems to be an excellent choice is Bling Teeth Whitening, which is basically a teeth whitening tray. Many people used Bling and were pleased with the results they got.

The treatment based on the Bling Teeth whitening system doesn’t necessarily require you to see a dentist, as the product can be bought over-the-counter. The instructions are complete and clear and the thermoform tray fits everybody. This particular characteristic of the tray, molding on low heat, is the guaranty that it can precisely cover your teeth. There’s nothing to worry about even if you made a mistake while applying the tray, due to the fact that the thermoform tray can be remolded until it fits your teeth.

The Bling gel has a balanced PH and doesn’t affect your gums. The whitening ingredient in the gel is carbamide peroxide- that’s proven to be very efficient. The concentration of carbamide peroxide (22%) is the strongest available in a home-use gel. The gel is also sticky, providing a good adherence of the whitening tray to your teeth. This way, the whitening being used is uniform and intense. The formula is also glycerin free, which means a lot of sensitivity problems being dismissed.

For best results the whitening treatment should take an hour and it’s for the best to repeat the procedure several times. After the Bling Teeth tray is applied you can use that hour to watch TV, read a book or to do other home activities. Still, no eating and drinking are allowed. When the time expires you need to clear the gel from your teeth and the Bling gel is easy to clean with a regular toothbrush.

This teeth whitening product seems to be the perfect solution for the ones who don’t want to spend time and big money at the dentist’s office. Bling Teeth Whitening is a fast and simple way to get the perfect shiny smile.

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