Teeth Whitening kits

If your looking for the best tooth whitening kits on the market then you should use what 95% of all cosmetic dentists in the country use. I am talking about the lab direct tooth whitening service from prowhiteteeth.com. These guys are great when it comes to customer service and satisfaction.

Why go to a professional dentist and pay $400 – $1000 dollars to brighten your teeth when you can get the exact same professional service used by 95% of all cosmetic dentists in the country, This tooth whitening system is the best and nothing gets your teeth whiter!

prowhiteteeth.com has a 4 step process to get your teeth just as white as the dentist can. After all it is exactly what most dentists use.

1. The same tooth whitening system they sell direct to dentists arrives directly to your door.

2. Making a custom impression is now so easy it takes just a few seconds so there is no need to pay a dentist.

3. Return your impressions back to the dental lab just like the dentists do.

4. They return your custom fitted bleaching trays directly to you.

One of the great things about prowhiteteeth.com is that they have many different options when it comes to the best tooth whitening kits. View prowhiteteeth.com for the latest discounts and package deals

For those that do not want to deal with trays and gels you have another option.  These are called Whitening tips.  They look very much like a que tip.  In a nut shell you break one end and then rub your teeth with the que tip.  It only takes a short while and the results are quick.  This is a very good option fo those who just don’t want to use a tray.  Click HERE for more info and a current FREE TRIAL

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